image representing marketing consistency by showing 4 people in consistent, matching clothing

Why consistent marketing is the key to success


Good quality marketing should be a lot of things; eye-catching, insightful, subtle. But most of all it should be consistent. Consistency brings with it a host of benefits for your business, but it’s often overlooked in small businesses that don’t have a marketing department. When new business and delivery are your main priority, marketing has a tendency to fall by the wayside. In this blog, we’ll tell you why you should be consistent in your marketing and how to achieve it.

Why you should practice consistent marketing

1. Break the cycle of “feast of famine”

The cycle of “feast or famine” is a dangerous business model. You need to be consistently attracting a baseline of new business so you don’t find yourself unable to make ends meet in times of dearth. Work within your capacity and slowly ramp up your marketing to achieve sustainable growth, rather than boom or bust.

2. Consistent marketing can bring unexpected bonuses

You never know when your prospect might be looking to buy. Keep your offers at the top of their inbox, and your brand in their mind, by always being present. While old prospects might not have bought from you in the past, there’s no reason why they won’t in the future if your marketing is emphasising your quality and reliability.

3. Make your brand synonymous with quality

Your marketing content is the face of your brand, so you should ensure it’s consistent in quality as well as quantity. Set a brand tone that is clear and professional. Try and employ visual content that’s at least consistent, if you don’t have the budget to create bespoke visual content.

4. Boost your social and search engine optimisation

Social media channels and search engines reward consistent pages with better rankings on their platforms. Posting on LinkedIn and your website at least once a week will move you up the search rankings, as well as keeping your content fresh.

5. Maintain your reputation as a thought leader

Once you’ve built an audience you need to continue catering to their expectations or risk losing them to a competitor. If your marketing content is incisive and well-thought-out, you can establish yourself as a thought leader; the go-to voice in your industry. But once you’ve achieved this, you need to keep it up or risk losing the audience you’ve already built.

How to implement consistent marketing for your small business

1. Create a comprehensive marketing planimage representing planning your marketing for your small business

The best marketing plans cover a range of mediums and platforms. You should try and create a range of video, audio and written content to get the most engagement from your audience. But most importantly, plan your content in advance. Make sure you’re not constantly marketing on the hoof as this takes more time in the long run, while also looking haphazard or slapdash.

2. Sometimes less is more with content

If you’ve got limited resources, worry less about how often you’re posting. Instead, maybe only post a blog every other week, but make sure it is every other week. Consistency is key. Don’t use all your marketing material in the first month and then find yourself out of content.

3. Employ marketing automation tools

Organic content creation is time consuming and requires a specific set of skills. You can get around these difficulties by employing marketing automation tools to do the work for you. Tools such as Mailchimp or Hootsuite can help you organise and implement your marketing plan.

4. Don’t overstretch yourself

As a busy CEO, you can’t expect to do everything yourself. So, if you haven’t the time to produce regular, quality marketing content yourself, it might be time to hire a marketing executive, or outsource to a virtual marketing director.

We hope this post has helped illuminate how consistency is the key to a killer marketing strategy. It’s always worth taking the time to craft a bespoke, achievable plan before embarking on your marketing journey. First, settle the tone, platforms, aesthetic and quantity of posts. Then make sure you have enough content ready to go before you start.

At SME Needs, we’ve been crafting bespoke marketing strategies for our clients for years. If you’re one of the many businesses with too little time or knowledge to create your own, and without the budget to hire a full-time marketing executive, give us, your virtual marketing director, a call on 020 8634 5911 or click here.