Why I want clients to sack me

firing your marketing managerWhen I say I want clients to sack me, there are, of course, conditions attached to the statement. SME Needs provides marketing support for small businesses; we want them to be bigger businesses when they sack us. That means one of two things happens:

  1. They recruit a Marketing Manager
  2. They are acquired by a company with a Marketing Dept.

Let’s look at the reasons why a company would need a Marketing Manager.

Size of Company?

As companies grow, they look at adding functions that we’re previously outsourced. For payroll/bookkeeping type roles, this is definitely something to be considered as the volume of work makes it uneconomic to outsource. For marketing, things may be different. The volume piece, particularly when most of your marketing is digital, doesn’t make much difference. An email campaign to 10,000 people takes no more effort than one to 1000 people.  Social media engagement with a Twitter following of 20k takes more resource than when you have 2000 followers, but it’s not 10x as much.

Adding regional offices?

At this point there are staff that need to be added, but account managers don’t always need local marketing support. More communication needs to happen so that the local marketing is relevant but that just means phone/Skype calls more frequently.

Adding products/services

As your business gets more complex, you do need to consider how your marketing is managed and delivered. Outsourcing the operational delivery of your marketing can start to add up in the same way that bookkeeping can. Adding a Marketing executive to the team can make sense when you are spending upwards of £20k on operational marketing. If you are now thinking about what you’re spending on marketing, take out costs such as Google AdWords, printing, trade shows etc. Take out management of your marketing too. How much are you now spending? If it still upwards of £20k it may make sense to recruit. We often work with companies who have junior internal marketing staff , where we help manage them and ensure everything is getting done and the results you want are coming in.

So when?

A good Marketing Manager will expect a salary of £40k and upwards. Add on employer’s costs such as NI, desk, IT, etc. And you are upwards of £50k a year. That buys a lot of outsourced marketing support. At the point you need two days a week of marketing management support, you have the volume and complexity to recruit.

What does that look like?

You probably have

  • a team of 50-80 people.
  • A product/service portfolio to at least 3-4 different sectors, and
  • a desire to save some money on your marketing spend.
  • At least one junior marketing executive, and
  • A lack of knowledge/time within your senior management team to manage this person effectively.

When my clients look like this, it means that I have done my job. It means that we have delivered the growth they are looking for, which is, after all, what they pay us to deliver.

If this last paragraph describes your business, I wish you all the best in finding the right person for your needs. If not, let’s have a coffee and a chat. You never know, we might be able to help each other.

I hope this helps.

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