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Why Nigel plays golf

By October 30, 2023December 19th, 2023No Comments

“Doing business on the golf course” is something that has been around for years and shows no signs of going away. That’s why Nigel plays golf during business hours, but let’s add a little detail.

How Nigel started playing

Put simply, he had the choice of going shopping with the women or playing golf with the men.  On a holiday in France, Jane was going shopping with her mum and aunt. Her dad and uncle were going to play golf. Nigel chose golf and has been hooked ever since that first 9 holes were completed in only 65 shots!


Golf, in the shape of Fore Business, is a great way of networking. Nigel gets to meet and talk with business owners whilst exercising and enjoying a sport he loves. He gets to understand what they do and they get to know more about how he helps his clients, and the types of clients he is looking for.

The great thing about Fore, in particular, is that we now have relationships with business owners across the country. We’ve helped clients right across the country, so there is no need to worry about delivering for any future clients that come from the relationships that are being developed.

New business

Golf generates, on average, just over 10% of SME Needs’ annual revenue each year. Some years that is up, some it is down, but golf continues to generate opportunities on a regular basis.


It is not just new business that comes from networking on the golf course. Over the years, we’ve sourced many different products and services from people Nigel has built relationships with:

·       Branded merchandise from at least two different companies

·       We met our current accountants at Fore Business

·       Matt Hills from Travel Counsellors even organised the Davey family holiday in 2022!

·       Pension planning

·       Social media services

·       Copywriting

And many more…

Tax deductible

Golf can be an expensive sport. Whilst you cannot claim for a new set of irons through the business, you can legitimately claim your Fore Business fees, travel costs and subsistence when you’re playing golf for business reasons. Whilst this may not save you a fortune on corporation tax, it all counts!


So, if you love playing golf and you’d like to see how playing golf can benefit your business, get in touch. You can see a small number of our Fore Business connections here and Nigel has Fore Business Golden Tickets that give you a month’s free membership. Let us know if you would like one!


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