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Working with you to develop and deliver the right marketing plan for your business growth targets

You want your marketing to be more effective. You want to generate more leads that convert into sales and new clients. You want to grow your small business into a bigger one. SME Needs will help you to do just that.

Why isn’t your marketing working right now?

If you know why, let’s start talking about how to fix it. If you don’t, there are 6 reasons why your small business marketing isn’t working right now. One, or more, of these…

  1. You aren’t doing enough/any.
  2. Your marketing isn’t happening consistently.
  3. You’re focusing your marketing on the wrong audience.
  4. Your marketing messages aren’t the right ones.
  5. You are using the wrong marketing tools or channels.
  6. The marketing tools you are using aren’t being used very well.

All of these can be resolved. SME Needs will help you get your marketing on the working again, delivering the leads and growth you want.

SME Needs’ proven 4-stage process will:


Quickly identify why your marketing isn’t working.


Develop the right marketing approach for your small business


Generate more, and better, leads to help you grow your business.

The right choice of marketing activity, delivered by specialists and managed by SME Needs will deliver the leads, the sales and the growth you need to make your small business that much bigger.

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